Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Do you really need a cloud strategy?

How many organisations have a detailed cloud strategy? Most organisations I speak with have a general and often vague idea of their pathway to cloud. When I ask what they hope to acheive I will often get an equally vague reply. Of course there are exceptions, and some great exceptions but many organisations appear to be sheep following the leader. "The future is cloud", "X business just went cloud and they are more now agile" is often what I'm told when I ask why.

Organisations should be thinking more about the why and not the how. It's a business level discussion not a technical discussion. What are the outcomes they are looking for? How to move to X cloud platform/service to get them the desired outcomes is a secondary concern. A dilligent approach needs to be taken to assure that the move is for the right reasons. Not just because Tom, Dick and Harry said it was vaguely beneficial.

There are huge benefits of cloud migration for many organisations but these benefits need to defined first and not discovered after. The implications of cloud are business wide and to take real advantage, the whole business needs to buy in.

Cloud strategy, for a lot of organisations is really just a project that is part of a business strategy or plan. Do the IT guys really need to implement this plan? Maybe not, there are businesses that specialise in cloud migration.

Move away from the tail wagging the dog. Think about your business outcomes or the why before the how. If you really want to make cloud, in whatever form, work for your organisation the drivers need to be pushed top down.

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